How to install an SSL certificate for free

How to install an SSL certificate for free

SSL certificate is a digitally encrypted certificate; which is used to encrypt the connection between the end user’s computer and the server. The end-user could be anyone who is looking for a specific website or webpage using a web browser. The address for a website, secured with an SSL certificate becomes HTTP to HTTPS. Which refers to all the connection secure and data passes in the secure channel. There are several providers to certified your website with an SSL certificate. But you can also install an SSL certificate for free.


install an SSL certificate


SSL/TSL Certificate:

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer is an Internet security protocol. This protocol is encryption based and used to secure data transfer. Nowadays SSL is also known as TSL (Transport Layer Security). TLS is a security protocol designed to facilitate privacy and data security for communications over the Internet. TSL is an advanced version of SSL. SSL/TSL certificate an encrypted data file carries out the public and private key. When a computer or a device trying to communicate over HTTPS it can only obtain the public key to verify the server’s identity. The private key from the SSL/TSL certificate is always kept secret and secured by it.

Working of SSL/TLS certificate:

Once the SSL certificate is installed on a web server which refers to a website. The certificate calls the https protocol and allows secure connections only from a web server to a browser. Once it is installed and running, activates a padlock in the address bar. Typically, SSL secures all of the payment-related information, data transfer and private information like login credentials, Credit card details. The SSL Certificates includes:

  • SSL encrypts data that is transmitted across the web.
  • If anyone tries to intercept this data will only be got a piece of encrypted code.
  • The code encrypted by the SSL is not easy to crack or decrypt.
  • SSL initiates an authentication process. This process is known as a handshake.
  • The Handshake ensures that the communicating devices are, really who they claim to be.
  • SSL provides data integrity by making a digital signature on it.
  • SSL also verifies the data if it is tampered before reaching the recipient.
  • Every website that uses HTTPS is TSL encrypted.
  • TSL encryption is used to protect the website from a DDOS attack and data breach.


install an SSL certificate

Installing an SSL certificate for free:

There are several SSL certificate providers present in the market. Apart from that almost every hosting providers also provide SSL. Most of them provide it at nominal charges. But there are some providers also who provide SSL certificate free to install and use like Let’s Encrypt.
To install the SSL certificate for free you have to access your hosting server. In your Hosting server, you have to update the SSL/ TSL configuration. To install your SSL certificate for free these are required:

Certificate –

This is your server certificate that was issued to your domain(s). This will allow you to copy all text contents needed including “—–BEGIN CERTIFICATE—–” and “END CERTIFICATE—–“.

Private Key –

This is your private key that was created during the generation process.

Certificate Authority Bundle (optional) –

These are your intermediate certificates that allow browsers and devices to understand who issued your trusted certificate.

Step to install the SSL certificate:

Before moving further you have to ensure that you have your login credentials for your hosting account. Once you have this follow the steps given below.

  1. Log in to Hosting Account
  2. Select SSL/TSL setup
  3. Select Install a new certificate
  4. Pick a domain name
  5. Input your Certificate Files
  6. Finally, click on install