remove the device from mcafee account

remove the device from mcafee account

McAfee does not need any introduction at all. It is a popular and well-known antivirus software present in the market. McAfee offers complete solutions for protecting devices from malware, viruses, and other threats. It keeps the system safe from infections. In the present world, it is essential to safeguard devices for protecting important data and privacy. Hence having a strong antivirus such as McAfee is a must. Just get it from to know to remove the device from mcafee account, read the article till the end.

remove the device from mcafee account

Use this article if:

  • You no longer use your McAfee software on a particular computer or device.

NOTE: If you want to transfer a McAfee subscription to a new device, see TS102145.

As you use your McAfee security products, you can see your registered devices in the My Account area of An example of several registered devices is shown here:
remove the device from mcafee account
When you uninstall your McAfee software from a device, you should also remove the device from My Account.The removal steps are different for different types of devices. To learn how to remove a device from mcafee My Account, click to expand the relevant section below:

Follow these steps to remove the device from mcafee account:NOTE: Only a McAfee Technical Support agent can remove a PC or Mac from your account. You can’t remove a PC or Mac yourself through

  1. Contact Technical Support.
  2. Tell the agent that you want to remove a PC or Mac from your account.
  3. Provide the agent with:
    • The email address for your McAfee account
    • The name of the PC or Mac that you want to remove
    • Any other information that they request
  4. Wait for the PC or Mac to be removed from your account.
    NOTE: This removal could take up to 90 days.

the following steps to completely remove and deactivate a mobile device (iOS, or Android) from your McAfee account:

IMPORTANT: After you perform these steps, your personal data, including any backups of your mobile device data, is removed from your McAfee account, and can’t be recovered.

  1. Go to
  2. Click My Account.
  3. Click Sign In.
  4. Type in:
    • The email address for your McAfee account.
    • The password for your McAfee account.
  5. Click Log in.
  6. Click the device that you want to deactivate or remove.
  7. Then click Transfer, remove or reinstall.
  8. Click Remove.

How to deactivate an existing PC’s McAfee software license

Document ID: TS100996

Problem – remove the device from mcafee account

If you have installed your McAfee software on the maximum number of computers for the number of licenses that you purchased, you are not allowed to install the software on more computers. To install your software on another computer, you must purchase more licenses or transfer a license to your new computer.

Before you can transfer a license, you must deactivate the license on one of your existing computers. When you install the software on the new computer, the deactivated license becomes active on the new computer.

The most common reason to deactivate and transfer a license is when you replace a computer, or because of a hardware failure that requires a new hard drive.


How to check that your license has been deactivated:

  1. Go to
  2. Click My Account.
  3. Click Sign in.
  4. Type your McAfee user account and password.
  5. Click Log In. If you want your browser to remember your user name, select Remember Me.
  6. Select the device that you want to check. The description lets you know if a McAfee product is installed to that device, and if the license for that product has been deactivated.

If the license is deactivated, it shows as Inactive, like this:

remove the device from mcafee account

To learn how to deactivate a license automatically or manually, click the relevant link below:

To deactivate a license automatically, uninstall your McAfee product in the standard way.

  1. Make sure that your computer or device has internet access.
  2. Remove your McAfee product using the standard removal method for your computer or device.When you remove a McAfee product using the standard removal method, the uninstall program communicates back to and deactivates the license for that product.

    NOTE: It might take a few days for the change to appear in My Account.

To learn how to uninstall your McAfee software, see one of the following articles:

  • To remove from a Windows PC, see TS101331.
  • And to remove from a Mac, see TS101226.
  • To remove from a PC running Linux, see TS101168.
  • To remove from iOS or Android, see TS101407.

NOTE: If you are unable to uninstall the product, contact Customer Service. (You might be unable to uninstall the product because you no longer have the device or it is no longer working.) Customer Service can deactivate the license for you.

It is no longer possible to deactivate a license manually through, contact Customer Service who can deactivate the license for you.

To activate the license on another computer, follow the instructions in TS100342 from the computer you are installing your McAfee products on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to uninstall McAfee?

Should I Uninstall McAfee Security Scan? … As long as you have a good antivirus running and your firewall is enabled, you’re mostly fine, regardless of whatever marketing-speak they throw at you when you try to uninstall it. Do yourself a favor and keep your computer clean.

What is McAfee Removal Tool?

McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool is designed for the complete removal of McAfee Security products in order to reinstall or install a different antivirus.

Is Norton or McAfee better?

Norton’s real-time antivirus capability of recognizing infected files or websites trying to act or react is better than McAfeeMcAfee’s is still better than average. …Norton is considered better at removing actual viruses you may have. And Norton wins when it comes to monitoring for spyware.

How much does McAfee cost?

The auto-renewal price is the FULL suggested pricing with NO DISCOUNT! The internet “manual” renewal price for McAfee Internet security is $39.99 (it has a $30 discount when renewing this way). With auto-renewal, I was charged $69.99.


    • Works on an unlimited number of devices.
    • Good time-management features.
    • Geofencing.


    • Expensive.
    • No uninstall protection on iOS or Windows.
    • Does not support Macs.
    • Not browser independent.
    • Inconsistent app performance in testing.
    • No web interface.

What is the download and installation process of McAfee antivirus?

  1. Double-click on the browser icon on your computer to open.
  2. Type in in the URL section.
  3. Click the My Account option and then choose Sign In option.
  4. Provide your email ID and associated password in the asked columns.
  5. If you don’t have a McAfee account, hit the Register Now option.
  6. Go to My Account and select the desired McAfee product.
  7. Then, click on the Download button.
  8. Follow the given instructions on the screen for downloading and installing the McAfee program.
  9. Read the End User License Agreement and then click on I Agree.
  10. Wait for a while till the process completes in your system and then restart.