What is Cloud Hosting services

What is Cloud Hosting services

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting. In cloud hosting the server uses multiple different servers that cause maximum uptime. In the cloud hosting several servers are arranged in the form of clusters. Duet to this arrangement if one of the servers is not responsive at any moment of time another keeps the website up and running. Unlike traditional web hosting shares more than one server to balance the load and utilize space.
The cloud hosting is also known as cloud cluster. Because of more than one server, it increases the Uptime, isolated resources, easy scaling, and a dedicated IP address.


cloud hosting services


Cloud hosting architecture:

The cloud hosting architecture differs from regular web hosting. Traditional web hosting uses a centralized approach. In this approach, one server holds multiple websites. That may cause all of those websites down at once if the server goes down. On the other hand, cloud hosting follows the distributed approach. In the Distributed approach, each and every website distributes over multiple servers. It causes no downtime at any moment of time.

The website having usually more load than others also prefers cloud hosting like search engines and social networks. High traffic website uses cloud hosting since user experience is their first priority. For E-commerce stores, lead generation sites, corporate websites cloud hosting is the first choice.

Cloud Hosting services:

Some organizations set up their own cloud hosting server. On the other hand, there are several cloud hosting providers also present. They also provide customized cloud hosting services. You can choose and select plan according to the use. The cloud hosting services are based on:

  • Storage Space
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Bandwidth